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Good sitework lays the groundwork for the rest of the construction project. When done properly, it ensures that the final structure is in a safe and stable area and helps avoid future problems. 

The RCI team is highly skilled in all aspects of the site preparation process. We carefully assess the unique needs of the project and the environmental conditions of the site to construct a detailed plan for all sitework.  


Clearing and grubbing sitework

Clearing and Grubbing

We remove and dispose of all unwanted surface material, such as trees, bushes, grass and weeds, and other materials. 

We also remove and dispose of all underground vegetative matter including stumps, roots, buried logs and other debris.  

We ensure only what has been approved is disturbed, particularly when working in environmentally challenging circumstances. 

Excavation and Subgrade Stabilization


We remove excess rocks and soil from the site. Digging is completed per the project specifications including holes for cellars, swimming pools, trenches for underground utilities, roadbeds and foundation footings. Berms and terraces are constructed, and material is added or removed to increase or decrease site elevation. 

Subgrade Stabilizaton

We make sure that the soil is properly prepared and stable for your construction project. Soil is tested and subgrade stabilization is done as needed to ensure that your construction does not experience cracks or structural damage.

Grading to provide a smooth terrain and eliminate potential drainage issues


Grading is completed to provide a smooth terrain as well as to eliminate potential drainage issues and any obstacles that might hinder progress. 

Whether your site or project requires a flat and level base or a specified slope, we ensure you have what you need to move forward.  We can also form the groundwork for your future utilities, foundations and surface drainage.

Erosion control measures demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements

Erosion Control

Proper erosion control ensures the safety and integrity of the worksite, materials, and equipment. We develop and execute a plan that controls run-off water and ensures that there is erosion and sediment control on all slope areas. 

We are committed to ensuring our private property, wetlands, creeks, lakes and ultimately our drinking water is free from sediment pollution during demolition and construction activities.

 We partner closely with local soil erosion and sedimentation control entities to ensure compliance with all regulations and standards.

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