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RCI Demolition is a trusted environmental abatement provider for projects of all types and sizes. We work closely with our clients to assess and mitigate hazardous materials including asbestos containing materials (ACM), lead-based paint and mold.

Our staff is trained, certified and equipped to safely remove and contain these materials. We are fully licensed in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina and comply with all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. 

Industrial demolition - demonstrates use of protective equipment when removing asbestos containing materials (ACM)

Asbestos Removal

We take all precautions when removing asbestos containing materials. Every project is carefully planned and executed to eliminate any risk of exposure.

We test for the toxic material and follow strict regulations and processes and use proper asbestos removal equipment to keep our people and any others safe from exposure.

We set up a containment area with sealed enclosure to prevent asbestos from becoming airborne and use negative air machines to filter out harmful substances. Decontamination areas are used when exiting contaminated areas.

All asbestos-containing waste is sealed in leak-tight containers while still wet, labeled clearly and taken to qualified landfills that have specific requirements for securing the waste and preventing fibers from escaping into the air.

Demonstrates safe lead paint mediation techniques

Lead Paint Removal

RCI Demolition permanently eliminates lead-based paint hazards. Our trained and certified staff are experts at testing, removing and disposing materials containing lead to ensure the safety of your site or structure.

Our process provides full protection against the hazards of exposure to lead dust and other hazardous materials.

Demonstrates mold remediation and use of personal protective equipment at a residential jobsite

Mold Remediation

RCI Demolition is highly qualified to inspect and assess the presence of mold. Our trained and certified employees mitigate mold hazards by completely sanitizing, cleaning, and restoring your property.

We also prevent new growth by identifying and mitigating the moisture source. Our processes eliminate exposure to our staff, property owners, and others to hazardous materials.

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