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We provide residential, commercial and industrial demolition services for projects of any size. From small structures such as garages and outbuildings to large manufacturing facilities and data centers, we guarantee the highest standards of service and careful consideration of the environments and communities we serve. 

Residential demolition of 5 story condomiumns using high-reach excavators

High Reach Demolition

High reach demolition projects require precise demolition techniques. Our trained professionals cut these projects down to size. With our high-reach excavators, we safely and effectively tackle projects of all types including high-rise condominiums, office buildings and other tall structures. 

We carefully cut and sheer concrete and steel to ensure all debris are removed in an orderly and clean fashion.  We also adhere to our internal and OSHA dust suppression standards to keep surrounding structures and effects dust and debris free.

Industrial Demolition Project - Interior Demolition metal beam removal

Interior and Select Demolition

We handle all types of interior demolition projects, from select rooms and office spaces to entire buildings. Walls, partitions, finishes, equipment, pipes, fittings, etc. are removed while minimizing disturbance to the surrounding structures and environment.

Whether your project requires a complete building gut or shell activities that do not affect load bearing structures, we will clear the way for an update, upfit or complete revamping of your space. 

Industrial demolition job with materials recycling

Environmentally Friendly Demolition

We are committed to environmentally friendly demolition. Every RCI project includes procedures to minimize landfill material and any other environmental impacts. 

We partner with our clients and local entities to repurpose materials whenever possible. In addition, our standard processes limit the spread of dust and debris and properly contain and dispose of any hazardous waste material.  

Concrete, asphalt and brick are ground into useable rock material for road construction and other purposes.

Wood is carefully removed whenever possible for reuse.  

Doors, windows and other reusable building components are donated through local partners.   

Metal and plastics are diverted to local recycling centers.   

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