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RCI Demolition is a premier service provider in the Carolinas, delivering top-notch solutions in demolition, environmental abatement, and site work. As a trusted name in the industry, we specialize in expert demolition, environmentally-friendly abatement, and comprehensive site services. Our dedicated team ensures precision and safety in every project, from controlled demolition to meticulous environmental remediation and all-encompassing site work.


With our commitment to excellence, RCI Demolition guarantees a seamless and superior service experience for clients seeking professional demolition, eco-friendly abatement, and comprehensive site solutions across the Carolinas.

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Our Unwavering Commitment

At RCI Demolition, we guarantee that every project adheres to the highest industry standards and complies meticulously with both federal and state regulations.


Our pledge is to uphold the strictest safety and quality benchmarks in every aspect of our work, ensuring that all our endeavors meet and surpass regulatory requisites.


From meticulous planning to execution, our focus remains on maintaining superior industry standards and absolute regulatory compliance, safeguarding not only our projects but also the trust and satisfaction of our clients seeking professional, regulation-compliant demolition services

 In return, our people go the extra mile to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. 

We understand the uniqueness of every demolition project. Our seasoned experts conduct a comprehensive assessment, intricately detailing each project's unique requirements. From meticulous examination of materials and building usage to method of construction, draining conditions, and surrounding traffic and community dynamics, we leave no stone unturned in crafting a meticulous plan.


Emphasizing compliance with building codes and harmonizing with neighboring communities, we ensure the most effective approach and methods for each project. This detailed approach guarantees that our demolition processes are tailored to the distinct needs of each endeavor, ensuring optimal execution and client satisfaction."

At RCI Demolition, we recognize that our people are the cornerstone of our success. Every member of our workforce is an esteemed RCI employee, forming the bedrock of our operations.

Our People

Not only do we invest in their professional development, but we also ensure their safety and well-being. Equipped with the appropriate safety gear and backed by the necessary assistance and supervision, we maintain a steadfast commitment to their protection on every project.

Moreover, we empower our workforce for success by providing them with the best and most effective equipment for the job at hand. This combination of investment, safety measures, and access to state-of-the-art tools fortifies our team, allowing them to execute tasks with precision and efficiency, thereby ensuring the success of each project they undertake.

In return, our dedicated employees consistently go above and beyond to not just meet but surpass our clients' expectations. This dedication to excellence is ingrained in our culture, driving our team to deliver results that not only satisfy but impress our clientele, setting new benchmarks for service quality in the demolition industry."

Data Center Decommission project showing RCI Demolition employees wearing safety equipment
RCI Demolition employees wearingwearing safety equipment during data center decomission project
RCI Demolition employees removing lead paint wearing proper safety equipment
RCI employee removing hazardous materials wearing safety gear
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